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A Collection of Daedal Epochs

Thursday, December 31, 2009

2:24AM - To end the year...

A toast to all those in life we have loved and lost in 2009 and another toast to all of those born into this world in 2009 who we will come to know and love with time.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

9:47AM - The iPhone is good for my LJ

On the way to work now. Cutting it close today. Kinda uncertain about everything right now. Had a dream about getting fired from work. I'm worried it's prophetic. Have no clue what I'm doing romantically. I think I know what i should be doing but old feelings die hard as well as old memories. This is gonna be one of those days where I wish I could have stayed in bed. I get that feeling anyway.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

8:54AM - The future is now.

Okay. I joined the incrowd and got myself an iPhone and got the LJ app for it. Working all weekend because we're a little short staffed. Things have been up and down. I'm best man for Scott's wedding in October. Had a girlfriend for a few weeks but she has a few issues to work out so we broke up for now. There might be another try in the future. I can be usual flirtatious self till then. Working till sixish today and all day tomorrow.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

1:35AM - occupo nusquam

Still alive, still here, weird mood today. It's been a largely unproductive day. Lots of WoW with heroics and a failed naxx 10 attempt.

I went and had food with joe, kristyn and fran at golden castle.

they're at delaware park right now while i'm just chillin here listening to the spice girls greatest hits through myspace.

i did one of those things i kept saying no to...i joined Facebook so in addition to being a myspace social ho, i can be a facebook social ho too. LoL.

Life is up and down. there are aspects that are great and aspects that aren't so good. I'm on vacation. it's been nice. i have two more days and then I go back on Tuesday.

I feel like a lot of stuff is unclear and in turmoil but that i'm just sitting and rolling with the punches. I don't know what I want right now.

i'm just taking it day to day and we'll see what tomorrow brings.


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

2:05AM - Resolution?

Randomly checking LJ again and I feel like it deserves a slight entry right now. :)

I just got a new computer, the primary one in our apartment broke recently so I went out to Best Buy and shelled out some dough to get a new one.

I have to feed the WoW addiction perhaps? :)

Life is going okay. I've been going to shows and getting out a little bit.

2009 started out rough but it's getting better and i'm definitely learning that I need my friends right now and with them, i'm unstoppable.

I got to talk to someone I haven't really talked to much lately and that felt good. Hopefully we'll still talk a little more very soon.

Love life is quiet as it has been for a little bit but sometimes it doesn't bother me. It'd be nice but i don't know if anything is worth all the effort i usually try and put out.

More to come soon hopefully.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

12:21AM - Love cannot save you from your own fate

Okay, still here...still alive.
As I get older, it feels like the social circles are tightening.

I play WoW a lot but as I played tonight I realize a lot of the reason I play is for the social gaming. None of my local friends (on my server) are on...none of my server friends are on and i'm still pissed off from an earlier encounter today.

The mall is crazy at christmas time. Working 4:30-1am saturday, 12-8:30pm sunday and 4:30-1am on Monday.

I need to start writing on here again and writing some poetry again.

I'm gonna go either read or watch a movie now.

I'll try and say more when i'm more motivated :)

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

11:58PM - Gimme substance....mmmmm

So i'm still here, i'm still alive.

Nothing particularly special going on. I check on this at least once a week now. I've been reading my friends posts but not posting anything.

Work is full time, getting ready for the new store in less then a month. Excited about that. I've been going to a bunch of shows. MSI and Birthday Massacre, Wednesday 13 twice.

I'm going to Wizard World on May 31st, Kaiju Big Battel on June 1st, Dark Lotus on June 18th, Counting Crows on August 9th and Rockstar Mayhem on August 15th. Green Jelly is also likely on July 12th.

Comic-con and a trip to Cali is planned for July 22nd through July 29th.

Love life is still quiet...i'm still around the same girls i was around last year although there are a few new ones, i'd love to get to know. Things are quiet mostly with it though.

I felt like posting something but i can't say there's a lot of meaning here.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

1:30PM - 17 weeks later :)

So i'm still alive. It's been 17 weeks since I've posted on LJ. I've been posting on myspace more but not as much as I used to I think.

So my life at the moment...

I'm still finishing fighting off MRSA (nasty strain of staph infection) in my left leg. i've been dealing with this for at least 3 weeks now. It's almost done but i've gotta change the bandage everyday and use my ointment on it.

I moved away from Bear and to the Northside of Wilmington. I'm not sure if i'm technically in the city or not but i'm living in an apartment with Kristyn and Fran still off of Lea Boulevard.
The strain of our extra houseguests are off and things have been better.

I'm still at Hot Topic, still working hard and we're rockin out down there with an old school crew and just trying to have a good time and make the money :) We're getting a new store soon. It's gonna be a lot of fun.

Love life is quiet. I don't have a major crush or anything at the current moment. I'm just taking each day as it comes.

Major Hobby is still World of Warcraft. I do it when I have nothing better to do. If I get a chance to hang out with my friends i'd rather do that.

I should be getting a car within a month and that will definitely open up some mobility for me. There are some friends I will probably see more when I drive. :)

Life's fine and i don't know when i'll update again. I still read my friends list probably once a week. I'm mostly on Myspace everyday though so check that out if you get curious and hope life is good for everyone.

Much Love,


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Thursday, December 6, 2007

1:18PM - Months later...

I'm still alive, still neglecting the live journal in favor of myspace. It's been about 4-5 months since I've done anything with it. In that time i've had a few months of female drama with a new girlfriend, an ex-girlfriend/friend, and another potential girlfriend.

The drama is pretty much over. I'm single and had my first date with someone new. We hit it off pretty good. We just have to schedule our second date now. The other girls are all friendly with me. The one girl I dated briefly is dating Brian now. The ex and I are friends, she seems happy with her boyfriend finally. The other girl is still friends as well. She's got a bunch of confusion for her with her boyfriend, another guy and me while i've kind of turned the switch over to friend with her. I just want them all to be happy.

Work is going mostly well, everyone has a bad day here and there. I actually have to leave for work in about 25 minutes. I'm doing a close shift tonight. It's the holidays, lots to do, lots of people to help and not enough time to do it in.

Most of my freetime lately is spent either playing World of Warcraft, hanging out with friends or reading. I'm on myspace constantly and i do check LJ every so often.

Hope everyone's doing well and hope everyone has great holidays.

Much love.


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Monday, July 16, 2007

11:34AM - Just saying hi and links to cats.

i'm still alive...still around. Haven't been blogging that much even on myspace but i'll try and put something up soon. Wednesday is a day off so it's a good possibility then. For now..i'm just gonna post something from this website that jenny told me about.

he will gives me cheezburger for soul.

Much love to everyone, hope you're enjoying the summer...i still read my friends list pretty regularly.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

9:27PM - With hands held high in sky so blue (cross posted from ms)

A weekend off. Life is pretty good right now. i'm running myself a little ragged but i knew that tomorrow can be catch up day. I've slept 4-5 hours for the past three days..i'm gonna crash hard tonight.

Today was spent at Wizard World Philly with Curt, Nick and Lori. I ended up running around, bought some comics, got a nifty new superhero t-shirt. I ended up meeting and getting Claudio Sanchez to autograph a copy of the new Coheed comic "The Amory Wars" for me. I just wish i had brought someone with me so i could have gotten a picture on my phone. I also got a couple of issues of Daredevil autographed by both Brian Michael Bendis (The Wizard World Guest of Honor and Daredevil writer) and Alex Maleev (Daredevil artist). I got a little birthday present for Kristyn, there wasn't as much cool Lost stuff up there as I thought there would be. Lots of neat comic stuff though, I bought a good bit of Daredevil stuff, Witchblade, The Darkness and I got a few con exclusives too.

I just roamed around a bit and I managed to run into Rosie Posie, Blake and Morgan, and Miken among the throngs at the con. It was a good time, i ran around on my own a good bit but it's all gravy. I also picked up "The Umbrella Academy" comic book which was partially done by Gerard Way of MCR. After the con, we drove downstate to the new Sonic! Mmmm...sonic. I had to get my tots and I was a nice person and brought some home for Fran and Kristyn.

Kristyn's birthday party was last night, i ended up hiding more then i really wanted to do. We got watching lots of random youtube videos and it just ate up time but i still had fun with curt, brian and scott. There was lots of company and everyone seemed to have a good time.

I did get to hang out with Brian one night this week for the first time in a while. It was good to chill together, we hung out, got some food, watched "A Night At The Museum" at his house before we came over here and talked about lots of things which would be very wrong LoL. It was a good time. I didn't go to bed till 6 that morning.

Hung out with Jenny as well this week. I got to check out the Wii for the first time and it was pretty cool. I was playing Wii Sports and i did okay..especially for my first time. We talked a little bit as well and things are fine. We're still good friends.

I've also been exchanging messages with someone new this week. Someone who found me through a friend but we seem to click pretty well, at least so far. :) I've been enjoying myself and i love getting to know new people. I haven't been this way about someone in a little while. I need to write her a message after i'm done this blog.

Been randomly myspace messaging a few other friends as well this week. It's been a pretty good one. Work is work...get a couple people returning shortly to make up for those we've lost and i'm sure things will be fun. I get to deal with a new DM this week.
It should be a little calmer this week....bookending off days...sunday and saturday. Possibly going to Great Adventure next Saturday morning.

Much love to everyone, i'm gonna send out a message or two, check on my WoW and do my best to stay awake and hope i get to talk to someone tonight. *blush*

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Friday, May 25, 2007

3:00AM - A moment of weakness.

2:40am..finds me sitting here listening to music and just pondering a little bit. My LJ is not as read as my myspace so i'm gonna put some stuff on here i probably would never put on there.

Listening to the new Fall Out Boy song "Thanks for the Mmrs"..just cause it's resonating around my head at the moment.

People's perceptions of me rolling around in my head...as much as i say i don't care, there are some people i care about and their perceptions of me and things in my head are just in a consistent state of emotional turmoil.

A lot of it has been because of my relationship status. I broke up with Jenny on Easter. i'd been with her on and off for a little over a year and i haven't ever had a relationship that long and that adult before. I was a late bloomer, i didn't have anyone until i was 19-20..and then it was online dating mostly.

I really do love her and care about her but it seems like we fought a lot. I'm not serious enough for her and some of my personality quirks drove her crazy with me as her boyfriend. She's
fine with me as a friend with my aspects. She pushed my buttons a lot..and liked to pick at me until i was angry and started firing back. I worried about not having enough in common. It seems like the easiest stuff for us to talk about is work. I want to immerse myself in her world, her hobbies..and i have to an extent but it still doesn't flow as easily as some other stuff.

I'm still having issues getting over it...which is kinda sad considering i'm the one who initiated the breakup.

i'm doing a little bit of flirting here and there with a few people I knew from before.
apparently i'm coming on too strongly...i have someone telling me that i'm sexually frustrated.
I have my best friend thinking that i'm going to take my other friend who came over into the bedroom and it's not really the case.

I talk a lot...I flirt a lot..but if i'm not clear on the fact that you really like me, i'm not gonna do a thing. I'm shy, i'm a little bit fearful of rejection and i usually don't go over people i don't know at least a little bit..so i don't want to fuck up a friendship.

i guess i'm just a little bothered by it at the moment. i'm not trying to be emotional and a pain in the ass but everyone has these thoughts and just has to get em out somehow.

I'm trying to keep optimistic about life and everything but sometimes one sad comment can break me down.

I think it's human to want somebody to like me best. I don't think it's too bad. I just need to get over it and get on with life.

I'm going to a show tomorrow in philly with james and it should be a good time. i'll have a few drinks, have some fun and listen to some ICP and Twiztid with some fun people.

Not sure who's gonna read but i'm always appreciative of advice and feedback.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

4:29PM - Random thoughts and events

so i'm trying to be better with my LJ...i figure i'd post. i'm always doing blogs on myspace, gonna try to do some more on here. I think it'll be easier on here because i can say more because i know less people actually read and pay attention to my livejournal. :)

Really good week for the most part. Went to Nocturne with a few people, saw maybe a half dozen more that I actually knew there. Drunk sex is fun O:-) Work has been a little stressful, so much to do and we need more hours.

Before the club, I went and put a sweet trenchcoat on layaway at Passional on Wednesday night. It's sleeveless, leather and goes from collar to floor. It's $400 which is by far the most i've ever spent on any piece of clothing. it's also a 6X which is massive but it gives me room to close it among other things.

I know i still haven't been to the delawhere reading yet. i'm supposed to close the next 2 wednesdays but i'm hoping to bail out of one of them and get there finally. i've been a bad poetry supporter lately.

I've started playing World of Warcraft..aKa Warcrack. I haven't spent any time on it this week. It's been busy with work, hanging out and sleeping a fair bit. was gonna play today but i slept in and have been doing other things.

I'm enjoying my Friday off tremendously and i'm off again on sunday.

looking forward to the summer, lots of shows, fun summer events and a few birthdays as well. :)

hope everyone is well, gonna go do something else.

peace love and grayy.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

3:06AM - PASSION (cross posted from LJ)

Sitting here listening to the new song on my profile when I should be sleeping. I'm getting up in 4.5 hours to spend all of my 2nd day off this week from the day job..working and doing wrestling stuff because it's something i love and it's something that's been in my blood since I was five years old. I've gotten slammed around about it a good bit, i've been asked when am i gonna grow up and stop it but it's something i love and it's something i've been interested in for a while. i don't buy into it as heavily as some of my other friends but I know whether or not we're making money from it, it's still something i'm going to do out of my love for it. It may not be the greatest thing in the world but it's a group of people going out there and putting their hearts, their bodies and their souls on the line for something they believe in. I've gone to Kentucky twice, spent a good bit of money in doing so although it's not as much as some others..it's what i do, it's what i love and if it's not in your blood, it's not something you'll understand. Take a minute, check it out, laugh at it if you want, ooh and ahh it if you want to, because behind it all is the passion and the love of at least 6 people I know. http://www.xmwrestling.com

My emotions are up, i'm going to use it as fuel for tomorrow, expend some of that anger and frustration with certain other things and use it to my best advantage.

My heart still loves her and wants to be with her but my head knows it's not the healthiest thing in the world but still wonders whether there is something better out there. I hear other people talk and sometimes it makes the arguments and the problems seem trivial. I talk and flirt with a few other people. I'm curious to get to know new people and learn more about those i don't know to see if there's something i'm missing out there. I was putting a bathing suit bottom back on a hanger at work and i said hi to people coming in like i do...a girl came back with a flirtatious response involving what i was putting on the hanger...and i got a little flustered, i'm like, mallrats...too young...you're 26 and you can't flirt with anyone under 18..except for maybe Kim (cause that's innocent flirtation O:-) ).

part of me is just like, it's good to get out there and talk to new people, finding someone new to love is the best way to get over someone else. All the people from my past still have a fond place within my heart...no matter what's happened with it. I remember how I felt and some of the experiences and it's all a part of what makes me who I am.

it's all about passion. i may not be doing breathtaking things every second of my life but I'm passionate about loving my life, making every moment count to the fullest and not worrying about the what if's. Be happy with who you are and if you're not happy with it, do something about it.

I'm passionate about my friends, i'm passionate about my happiness, i'm passionate about professional wrestling, i'm passionate about music and i'm passionate about living the best life I possibly can and i'm also passionate about trying to make the lives of others around me BETTER.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

11:21AM - Less emo, more love.

(Cross posted from myspace...not that many people care...)

Friday morning...another 3 day work weekend is coming up for me but i'm rewarded with a Monday off. I've been somewhat of a stress ball all week and letting stuff get to me that really shouldn't be bothering me.

I have a few things on my mind at the moment but it's clearing up and i'm getting a little more decisive then i've been...been kind of helpless.

Went to Nocturne on Wednesday night with Jenny...saw a couple of the mall regs up there (parson walked right by me...ha! LoL)...and then Jess, Meg and Meg's b/f Chris showed up after I had had 4 drinks (Peach Long Island Ice Teas are the shiznit). Melissa's friend Megan was there too and she was pretty cool. It was a pretty good time, i might have made a slight ass out of myself..don't know, it's not that important.

Wednesday i did end up buying some stuff from work. I got the Foster's season 1 DVD and Neurotically Yours Vol. 3 on DVD as well. I got a Bloo pin for my name tag at work and i got a Bloo and Cheese sticker that is the epitome of me and Jenny's relationship.

I've made a phone call or two this week and i've got a few more I have to make still (Sorry Jen...i still love you...schedules have just sucked...i'll try and call tonight).

Work schedule for the weekend is today (Fri) 12-8:30pm, Saturday 9-5:30pm and Sunday 10am-6:30pm.

Sunday night is Wrestlemania and i'm geeking a little bit. It should be fun, final details still to be set...and i gotta decide where to get pizza/food from...

i'm obsessed with my Vincent Black Shadow song right now and I need to pick up a VNV Nation ticket for the 13th since i should be going....:)

20 minutes left and i might do a blog/cross post on LJ too.

Come visit me if you'd like...

Much love and thank you for being my friends <3 :-D

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

2:37AM - Stolen from a few people if anyone's still reading :)

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Monday, February 26, 2007

10:55AM - The end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007.

Okay, thanks to a little nudging from the Wookie Monster and also from the new circumstances i'm in, here i'm once again posting to LJ for the first time in 17 weeks.

My life has just gone through a major change or two. It's been a very busy and somewhat crazy 4 months since I last posted.

I have now moved into an apartment with Kristyn and Fran in the Village of Windhover behind Governor's Square. If you want more details, you'll have to comment and send an e-mail addy and i can send you the address that way, who knows what crazyness lurks on the internet? We just moved in on Friday.

I'll have my own computer again, I'm being given/buying cheaply their old computer and we've gotten the Comcast deal with cable, internet and phone. I have a few people who want me to join them on the magical wonderful online World of Warcraft game and we'll see if it happens. Right now, however, my computer's not even hooked up. I need a new computer desk because the one my old roommate gave me broke in the moving process (it was already cracked). Right now i'm using Kris and Fran's comp. I need to get a wireless adapter too.

In about 3 hours, i return to Christiana Mall full time after spending a year in Concord Mall. I enjoyed everything there. I'm gonna miss co-workers and some customers but i am glad to come back to some of the people i missed at Christiana as well. It's also the next step on the road to proving that I deserve my own Hot Topic to run. :)

Jenny and I are officially a couple again and have been since the week before Christmas. We've had a bump or two in the road but everything is good right now and we've done some cool things together (GWAR and Dir En Grey shows to name a few).

I've been to the goth club a little bit, a few concerts (see above, Wednesday 13 among others), an ROH show or two.

XMW is planning its first big show on March 24th entitled "Deception"

It's just been a crazy whirlwind called life. :)

Of course, i'm still myspace addicted although i haven't been on it quite as much in 2007.

e-mail: soulken@gmail.com

If you want to contact me there you go and hopefully i'll be posting a little more regularly now.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I stole that from melissa. :) Saw it on a few other people's pages.
I posted stuff on Myspace tonight and i'm tired and sore and just don't feel like typing it all out again.

Sorry...i'm a jerk..i know.


It can all be found there.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

4:10AM - My life in a nutshell

So my often neglected livejournal sits here staring at me...saying...USE ME...USE ME...Do something with this empty void of space that is sitting here on the internet. So...Hi again everybody :)

Here's what's been going on in my life lately.

WORK/CAREER STUFF: As of this Sunday, i'm now a Full Time Assistant Manager at Hot Topic Concord. :) I'm very happy and very excited. I've been with the company for five years now and i didn't get promoted at all until last christmas so it's been a very good year. 3 promotions within 10 months. WOO-HAH!! I'm also going to be helping out on Wednesdays and Fridays at Christiana in the month of November because of some medical issues going on there. The other thing that some people may not call work but I take it about as seriously as my main job is XMW which is short for Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling. I went to Kentucky two weekends ago with Curt who is co-owner of our fed and we picked up our wrestling ring from Lawrenceburg. We have our first real show coming up on October 22nd even if it's only for kids who have been down with us since Day 1. Anyway, check out the website. http://www.xmwrestling.com and if you click the link for Hazmat TV, you can watch us up on YouTube.

PERSONAL/LOVE LIFE: Nothing much big going on here. I'm not officially dating Jenny but we're still good friends, we cuddle and i'm always going to love her somewhere in my heart. I'm not really worried about dating anyone at the moment. I have a few thoughts and notions in my head but i'm happy with the way things are right now. There is so much else going on right now, i don't know if i can be a good boyfriend for someone right now.

HOBBIES: i've been doing my comic book thing full force lately. :) I have a subscription box at The Comic Book Shop (http://www.thecomicbookshop.com) and i've been doing that a bunch. I keep seeing people from Days of Knights at work and telling em that I haven't done Yu-Gi-Oh since February. I've been reading a lot. Last book finished was "Phantom" by Terry Goodkind. I'm currently reading the Ron White comedy book. :)

EVENTS: Lots of stuff coming up. XMW Hockessin Havok is October 22nd, ICP Hallowicked 2006 is October 25th at the Electric Factory. Dracula's Ball is Halloween night and Jenny's 21st is also November 1st..so probably Nocturne as well. Ring of Honor show in Philly is November 4th and I should be at that as well.

I'm off tomorrow from work probably just gonna do some laundry and watch a few DVDs, read and relax. I'm working Saturday from 1:30-10pm at Concord, working with XMW on Sunday and then i'm off again on Monday.

Fantasy football is also rocking this year. i'm 5-0 and leading the League of Pain 2K7. It's AWESOME.

I hope everyone's doing well and hopefully i'll be better about updating this (i doubt it)
You can follow me on Myspace too. :)

Much love.


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

1:48AM - Past, Future and Present

nother week and life goes on. There's a lot swirling around in my head, about the present, about the future and the past never goes away either.

Tomorrow night i'm gonna end up hanging out with one of my longest friends for the first time in probably months..definitely months since it's just been me and him, one on one. We've been friends for 15 years now. There's a lot of good times and bad times and there's that time shared which makes me want to help him in any time of need. I have lost a lot of respect for him in the past few years. Interests have changed for both of us and we've seperated but the question is how bad have things gotten and can they be fixed? The truth shall set you free..i can worry about it and dredd it a little bit but we'll find out. We've been friends for too long for me to give up on him. I'm not the only one who wants to help him get out of the rut that his life has become..i hope i find his head in okay places...if not, we're gonna find ways to get them in better places.

The future is full of limitless possibilities right now. Keeping faith that XMW is moving in the right direction. It's not my dream as much as some of my friends but then again I don't really have any dreams of my own. I'm hoping that everything works out as we plan and some dreams do come true. I'm enjoying things, i'm itching to get out there and i'm going on. Also..a change of living plans continues to come up...2007. I may end up moving out of my current digs and in an apartment with some friends. It'd be a nice change of pace for me. I have one roommate who's really awesome and he's been around longer then I have but then i have this other one who is a complete ass and wants to cuss me and let the small things get to him. I'm looking forward to getting away from him. Work has gone well over the past year...2 promotions over the past year...maybe a 3rd before the year is out. My hope for the future is a strong thing.

I'm pretty happy with my present at the moment. I have some great friends that I see on a regular basis. I have other great friends that i don't get to talk to nearly as much as I'd like. I love my job. I'm comfortable where i'm living and I have some fun short term plans. The only complaint is there isn't enough time for everything I want to do and everyone I want to see and talk to throughout my life.

Thank you to everyone for helping to make my life as pleasant as it is at the moment.

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